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RETROBREW Issue #1 is here! 

This new magazine is focused on upcoming retro homebrew videogames. I'm a homebrew developer myself ("From Below" [2020], "Witch n' Wiz" [2021]) and I've leveraged my contacts in the community to gather exclusive looks at the best and brightest homebrew games in the works. 

RETROBREW is available in print, but the digital version is something really special. It features fully animated layouts akin the "game shrines" and "NES fan sites" of the late 90's and early 2000's; a potent shot of visual nostalgia.



Relive the days of videogame magazines like Nintendo Power with a physical print copy mailed right to your door. RETROBREW ships worldwide with on-demand printers in North America and Europe to help reduce shipping costs.



This is the intended way to experience RETROBREW! 

If you purchase the digital version here on itch you are getting something really special. This magazine is a throwback to the days of GeoCities and Game Shrines. Big chunky sprites adorn every page, with GIFs galore. It's really a great way to get a peek at what's next in homebrew, all in one place.

The magazine will be viewed here: https://www.matthughson.com/retrobrew-magazine/retrobrew-issue-1-april-2022

You will need a password which comes with your purchase here on itch.io.



Your purchase on Itch.io also includes a PDF version of the magazine for those of you who prefer it. This will be exactly the same as the print edition, and will be completely static.



Buy Now$3.95 USD or more

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Love the videos/gifs for each game, really brings them to life and is just a great format. Night of the Living Dead typeface was a little hard to read but aside from that minor detail, it was fantastic and I can't wait for future issues!

Thanks! I assume the font legibility issue was in the digital version, right?

Yes, for me at least, full screen on a 15” laptop

K thanks


Nice! Appreciate the "interactive" version, it was a fun way to read it.

As to content - love how many of the games covered I learned about here. Good work. Cool to see some of the more exotic ideas, such as the game that is being developed to be intentionally stretched to 16:9. We could certainly support that in Argon!


That's awesome to hear. I really tried to focus on content that you won't find anywhere else, since well, why buy a magazine when you get it for free online!

This is great. Definitely filling a gap in homebrought games. Keep it up!

thanks for checking it out!


This looks dope, happy to see it



will this be an on going magazine or is this a one time thing ? 


on going, but no schedule from what I’ve heard


If it sells well it will be on-going, yeah.


This looks great! If we order the print version will we also get the password to the interactive online version?

Good question! Print and digital are separate purchases, so choose wisely! :)


An excellent take on a classic format brought forward in time!


Thank you!