Made withPICO-8
TagsDemake, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Remake, Retro


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Those levels were so good. Solving them was fun. It really made me think

So happy to hear that! Thanks!

This game crashed

It crashed in your browser? Or your whole broswer crashed?


How do I download the game?

It is only playable in the browser right now. Do you think it would be valuable to provide a downloadable version?

yes it would to play anywhere where no internet :

I love this game but,,, I Can't jump?

That adds a whole new level of difficulty. If you can jump, can you tell me? 

But either way, I love this game and it's sprites.

No jumping


This game was fantastic! GG!


Thanks for playing! Tell all your friends! :D

how did you make the game tho i want to make one too

it's made in Pico-8.

this look like anime

it is

(1 edit)

this is the speedpaint i made

Wow, my first ever fan art for a personal project. Thanks so much!




also what age range is the prisoner? are they young like the witch?

Yup, both adolescence.

*whispers* What in the world is adolescent?

Harry Potter

Also what is the witch's name? if she doesn't have a name i can name her

She is unnamed :)

Then her name is going to be Meyi (Me-Eye)

I like it! Consider it canon :)

Hey is there any way I can download this song? I want to either 1. put it on soundcloud for the world to see its glory. 2. Make my oc a theme song inspired by this one but different, and more upbeat. Is that ok?

Glad you like it so much. Musicc is by Gruber (@gruber_music):

I would msg him with any questions.

That was cute and fun! Does this have anything to do with the Sega Genesis game "Wiz 'n' Liz"?? The name and the sound upon completion of the level sound similar! :)

no I hadn't heard of that game. I'll check it out sometime though!

Graphics are great. Love the music.

Thanks for playing. Music is by Gruber who has done a bunch of Pico 8 games.

Awesome Game!  (name have anything to do with the book series "Witch and Wizard"?)  Love the puzzling gameplay, the easy to learn mechanics, and the feel that the sprites and audio create.  Also love the undo ability which eliminates the frustrating feel that literally every puzzle game has!


Thanks for playing. Haven't heard of those books, no. 

This feels like the sort of Game Boy Color game that would occupy my brain as a child. Really fun! I liked the choice of colours and style of the pixel art. Well done!


So glad to hear that! It's actually inspired by a GameBoy game called Catrap.

nice game and lovely gfx! love it! :)

Thanks for playing!