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A brand new puzzle-platformer for the Nintendo Entertainment System!

Witch n' Wiz isn't just a retro-looking puzzle platformer... it is a brand new game that runs on actual NES hardware!

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Witch n' Wiz is in Active Development with an expected release date of "late 2021". It will be released as both a ROM and as a physical cartridge similar to my previous game, From Below.

Witch n' Wiz is inspired by 1985's Catrap/Pitman! If Witch n' Wiz reminds you of another game (Milly & Molley [C64, 2020] comes up a lot), it is likely because that other game was also inspired by Catrap/Pitman.

Witch n' Wiz - NESDev 2020/21 Edition

An early build of Witch n' Wiz was entered into the NESDev 2020/21 Competition and won 2nd place!

This version is something of a spin-off/demake version of Witch n' Wiz, and will give you a sense of what the game is about. 

It is not a demo (it contains a start middle and end, and isn't meant to upsell to a full version). However, please remember that it is much more limited in scope than what you can expect in the final version of the game! 

The final game has far more puzzles, gameplay mechanics, characters, locations, music and story!

The NESDev 2020/21 Competition build of the game features:

  • 30+ Levels
  • New puzzle types every 5-10 levels
  • Password save
  • Art by Kenneth Fejer and Haller Zoltan (Wolfling, From Below)
  • Original Music by Tui (From Below, Flea, Tapeworm)

Witch n' Wiz - Pico-8 Edition

This game was originally developed for Pico-8 in 2017, and can be played for free here: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?pid=38117

Updated 22 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Demake, NES, NES Rom, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Remake, Retro

Install instructions

Once downloaded, the *.nes file can be run in a free NES Emulator (like Messen or FCEUX 2.3+) or on real hardware with an EverDrive (or similar.)

Please note: the NESDev Competition version of Witch n' Wiz uses a somewhat obscure mapper (Mapper 28 - Action 53), so compatibility is somewhat low. It appears to work most modern emulators and with an EverDrive, however it has been reported that it does not work on jailbroken Analog NT hardware.


NES ROM - NESDev 2020/21 Edition 64 kB

Development log


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How much levels in the full edition ?

Over 100 (although not all are puzzles). Play time seems to be about 3-5 hours, depending on how much of the nesdev compo version you played (since those puzzles are in there too).


I loved the game but couldn't finish it.

Thanks for trying 😄

You're welcome!

Amazing game. Catrap is my favourite puzzle game on the GB and this is a truly impressive spiritual succesor. I will happily buy the full version upon release. Congratulations on your work.


I am glad to have done the game justice! Lots more twists on the formula in the final release to come. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think!

very good



Hmm.  I apparently like your game a LOT.  I beat it a few times and I started making a game about a cat and the big plot twist is that he lost his witchy owner (I wonder who that could be...).  I did all the music (Famitracker), art (Gimp), programming (GML/GLSL), etc.  I also started making a game for the NES, but it's a dungeon crawler instead.  Anyway if you ever think you can use me, let me know!  I also got Witch N Wiz on an SD card so that I can play it on my Analogue Nt console.  O__O!  


Wow that's amazing! Maybe I'll get to send out my first cease and desist! (I'm kidding)

The game looks really cool. It's funny, I actually had a similar idea for Witch n' Wiz, with a Cat or Spider that could climb walls. Seeing what you did it makes me want to do it even more. Such a small change could add a lot of new puzzles!

From my notes on new ideas for Witch n Wiz!

From my notes on new ideas for Witch n Wiz!
If you feel like doing some levels for Witch n' Wiz, let me know. I have a very small group of people testing out the level editor, and I'd be happy to have you on board!

Oh, cool.  That would like make my wildest dreams come true, heh.  Ya, I'd love to add some levels...  Is it easier to chat on discord?  My username is stephenwhoskins#5668 (I'm not very creative when it comes to user names.)

Should I continue doing a Cat game and link it with Witch n' Wiz?  I can add a little witch hat on top of the cat.  =)

I sent you a Friend Request on Discord. We can talk more there.

Thanks!  =D


Great little preview and thanks. When this comes out, I will buy it happily!

Thanks for playing! 

Make sure the hit follow so you get notified! 😄


Was going through the NES compo games last week and -wow- this game absolutely was a delight! So much polish and love put into this game, I really can't wait to see the final version!

Awesome! If you liked the compo build, you are going to love the full release! Some much more going on in it: new levels, art, gameplay mechanics, music, story. It's really a huge leap.


Game looks interesting but it runs in any emulator?? cos in Rockness and virtua doesn´t work.

Runs in FCEUX 2.3 and above, as well as Mesen. It uses Mapper 28, which is some what obscure, so some emulators don't support it.

The full release uses the very common Mapper 1 (MMC1), so it will have compatibility with pretty much everything.

The old one is cuter and better.

You mean the Pico8 version or one of the old school versions of pitman/catrap?

Yes it did

I don't know which version you are talking about. 😀

the old pico 8

Would love to know what you liked about the old one, beyond graphics. Maybe I can bring those things into the NES version.

In terms of graphics, check out some of the latest screenshots of the in-development levels and let me know what you think!



What does that mean?


Awesome Game!!!

Thanks for playing!



(1 edit)



Those levels were so good. Solving them was fun. It really made me think

So happy to hear that! Thanks!

This game crashed

It crashed in your browser? Or your whole broswer crashed?


How do I download the game?

It is only playable in the browser right now. Do you think it would be valuable to provide a downloadable version?

yes it would to play anywhere where no internet :

I love this game but,,, I Can't jump?

That adds a whole new level of difficulty. If you can jump, can you tell me? 

But either way, I love this game and it's sprites.

No jumping


This game was fantastic! GG!


Thanks for playing! Tell all your friends! :D

how did you make the game tho i want to make one too

it's made in Pico-8.

this look like anime

it is

(1 edit)

this is the speedpaint i made

Wow, my first ever fan art for a personal project. Thanks so much!




also what age range is the prisoner? are they young like the witch?

Yup, both adolescence.

*whispers* What in the world is adolescent?

Harry Potter

Also what is the witch's name? if she doesn't have a name i can name her

She is unnamed :)

Then her name is going to be Meyi (Me-Eye)

I like it! Consider it canon :)

Hey is there any way I can download this song? I want to either 1. put it on soundcloud for the world to see its glory. 2. Make my oc a theme song inspired by this one but different, and more upbeat. Is that ok?

Glad you like it so much. Musicc is by Gruber (@gruber_music): https://twitter.com/gruber_music?s=09

I would msg him with any questions.

That was cute and fun! Does this have anything to do with the Sega Genesis game "Wiz 'n' Liz"?? The name and the sound upon completion of the level sound similar! :)

no I hadn't heard of that game. I'll check it out sometime though!

Graphics are great. Love the music.

Thanks for playing. Music is by Gruber who has done a bunch of Pico 8 games.

Awesome Game!  (name have anything to do with the book series "Witch and Wizard"?)  Love the puzzling gameplay, the easy to learn mechanics, and the feel that the sprites and audio create.  Also love the undo ability which eliminates the frustrating feel that literally every puzzle game has!


Thanks for playing. Haven't heard of those books, no. 

This feels like the sort of Game Boy Color game that would occupy my brain as a child. Really fun! I liked the choice of colours and style of the pixel art. Well done!


So glad to hear that! It's actually inspired by a GameBoy game called Catrap.

nice game and lovely gfx! love it! :)

Thanks for playing!