I am officially calling FROM BELOW Feature Complete. This means no more new features will go in the game, and all effort will be focused on making what is in the game perfect!

With that in mind, I need your help beta-testing the hell out of this thing! Button mashing! Power cycling! Hacking! Cheating! Anything you can do to try and break the game!

If you are interested in helping, you can just reply in the comment section with your feedback/bugs, or join me on Discord for real-time responses to your questions and feedback: (updated)

The Kraken cometh...

From the deepest trenches of the ocean, the Kraken has come to lay waste to your city!

The archers have slung every arrow.
The burning tar has run dry.
Every piece of military weaponry has been dispatch.

And yet... the Kraken moves forward, climbing the towering walls of your seaside fortress.

With no ammunition left, the city itself moves from a barricade, to a weapon!

The stones of the walls are broken off, and hurdled down at hideous creature. And it just might be enough to
slow it down till morning, when surely help will arrive...


Hi! I am working on my first Homebrew NES game, FROM BELOW

It a falling block puzzle game featuring:

  • Soft Drops
  • Hard Drops
  • Wall Kicks
  • T-Spins
  • Lock Delay
  • 3 modes of play:

Kraken Battle Mode

The signature mode of FROM BELOW. Battle the Kraken by clear lines across the onslaught of attacking Kraken Tentacles. The Tentacles push more blocks onto the screen every few seconds, forcing to act quickly, and strategize on an every changing board.

Classic Mode

The classic block falling mechanics you know and love without any new gimicks. Modernize for 2020, with Hard Drops, Lock Delay, and more, making this (hopefully) the best feeling puzzle game on the NES!

Turn Based Kraken Battle Mode

Similar to "Kraken Battle Mode", but instead of the Kraken attacking every few seconds, it advances its tentacle every time you drop a piece. Make every move count, as this move favors slow, deliberate play!

Install instructions

I have provided an embedded emulator at the top of this page to play the game in your browser. This is not recommended, as the emulator is not very accurate, and it does not have gamepad support. However, its there if you want to just quickly check out the game.

The best way to play the game is to download this ROM file. 

Once downloaded, it can be run in a free NES Emulator (like Messen or on real hardware with an EverDrive or similar).


from_below_2020_08_11.nes (LATEST) 40 kB
Cover Art 900 kB
from_below_2020_07_17.nes (old) 40 kB
from_below_2020_07_24.nes (old) 40 kB
from_below_2020_08_09.nes (old) 40 kB

Development log


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Absolutely loved it. Need a physical cart ASAP!!

I just got my Everdrive N8 Pro in this evening.  Had a chance to test the latest release of From Below. It works flawlessly with it! I was playing on the retroUSB AVS system.

That's great to hear, thanks!

So how do you start at level 29 via [redacted]?

I can't post cheats out in the open!? It would spoil the fun. I'll give a clue though; it's similar to starting on level 19... :)

The guys on the Discord will help I'm sure though.

I can see how that would spoil the fun. I'm having a lot of fun trying to get to levels further and further on!

Is there any chance you would be able to put a donation button on the page for this game? I plan to keep playing this for all eternity, and don't mind throwing a few bucks your way.

Thanks! I'm glad to hear it.

No need to pay; just enjoy. 

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This game is crazy good. Bringing back the old NES style and graphics with modern mechanics? Definitely love love love love and love. I don't have to break my wrist to hypertap anymore. This doesn't look like a homebrew game at all. Might as well called it as an official game. The presentation is classy.

The puzzle community should definitely see this and stream them. It would be fun to see those people breaking records left and right.

For suggestion, a head to head split screen 2 player mode would be awesome. Thank you very much for your time and dedication for creating this masterpiece.

Much love from Malaysians.

Pssst hey guess what, very smart of you to not put any T****s keyword to avoid "them" from claiming it. ;p

Thanks for the kind words! It means a lot.

I've been play testing the game with a few people from the Classic Tetris Community, and they've had a lot of amazing feedback for stuff I had no clue about.

do hope to one day release an "ULTIMATE EDITION" with 2 player, and some other features, but that's probably not any time soon (I'm starting work on some other NES projects already).

If you know of streamers who might be interested in playing the game, please let them know about From Below! I've DM'd a few but haven't heard anything back.

Some other Nes projects?! Sign me up! Can't wait to see what you got cooking in the kitchen.

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i'm brazilian guy, and this game its so awesome, classic, excellent music, and harmonious gameplay. aaah why not for 2 players? would be great. Congratulations on the work done

2 player in the sequel! 😁

I would totally be as giddy as a school girl if there was a 2 player mode. Yes please!


Who made the music for this? It's gorgeous!


Thanks! It's by


Very fun game, I've been enjoying it a lot! I've always been been disappointed by the music in the 'falling block' port on the NES, and this homebrew really remedies that, with an awesome soundtrack that is awfully catchy. The Kraken mechanic is really fun and adds an extra challenge to an already perfect title (especially on 'fixed' mode). I also love that you can fast drop blocks, quite the modern convenience. And perhaps best of all you can play it on your real NES if you have a flashcart. Highly recommended, I really don't have anything negative to say. Great work!

I appreciate the thoughtful review! Thanks for playing!


For those playing in your browser, I figured out the following keymaps:

Arrow keys = Move U/D/L/R
w = A button
x = B button
Enter = Start

Fun game btw, love the music!


Good point. I guess I should put it somewhere on the page.


Needs C64 port

Would love to get into C64 dev some day...

and small gameplay :)

Thanks for sharing! BTW the audio seems to get very out of sync with the video by the end. Maybe something on my end; not sure.


I'll play this on MiSTer and update later with some feedback.  Looks great!

Hi, I am interested in seeing how this runs on MiSTer. If you have time to grab some footage, and upload it, I would love to see it. Specifically interested in seeing how the "TIMED" mode runs.


love it


love you too


No bugs found so far, perfect game, thank you!!!

Wow, appretiate it!


I come back regularly to play this game. Really amazing. I cannot get its music out of my head, it is also amazing.

Nice score! You should join the discord (if you haven't already under a different name). Quite a few people are chasing that 1 million score!


So cool "block breaking" spin-off! Like the whole Kraken theme and visuals, really good job!

Thanks so much!


whoa this looks really great : ) will try it out soon!

Can't wait to hear what you think, thanks!


Do you have github for tracking issues?

You have an excellently presented
1) game
2) this page
3) wow emulator embedded on page (y)

I've got an everdrive so i will be testing this out.

Thanks! I spent a while trying to get that emulator working. Going to see if I can get gamepad support working a bit later hopefully.

The game is on git hub ( but I'm not tracking issues there. I probably should have, but there hasn't been very many to be honest, so I've just been tracking in a TODO comment in the code :D

Looking forward to your feedback!


For gamepad support: in case it's useful, here's a commit on github from when I added gamepad support to a Game Boy js emulator (used it here on Firefox support for standard mapping may have improved since then.

The graphics look great, and the palette switches are a nice touch. Love the sound too. Nice work!



Quick initial thoughts: Pretty cool! Good music. I appreciate that you decided to add a score mechanic. The next piece preview disappearing during the line clear animation can be a bit of a nuisance. Also, the Discord link is expired.

Oh I didn't know those links expired, thanks!! I'll update it now.

The next piece vanishing is a big of a bug/hack to get around a larger issue. I'll see if I can fix it. Thanks!

I have a fix for the next block vanishing in the next build (BETA 3). Thanks again!