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Keyboard Controls:

A:      X or Alt Key
B:      Z or Ctrl Key
Start:  Enter Key
Select: Space Bar or Shift Key
D-Pad:  Arrow Keys or WASD

Now with GAMEPAD support, right in your browser!

The Kraken cometh...

From the deepest trenches of the ocean, the Kraken has come to lay waste to your city!

The archers have slung every arrow.
The burning tar has run dry.
Every piece of military weaponry has been dispatch.

And yet... the Kraken moves forward, climbing the towering walls of your seaside fortress.

With no ammunition left, the city itself moves from a barricade, to a weapon!

The stones of the walls are broken off, and hurdled down at hideous creature. And it just might be enough to
slow it down till morning, when surely help will arrive...


FROM BELOW is a falling block puzzle game featuring:

  • Soft Drops
  • Hard Drops
  • Wall Kicks
  • T-Spins
  • Lock Delay
  • 3 modes of play:

Kraken Battle Mode

The signature mode of FROM BELOW. Battle the Kraken by clear lines across the onslaught of attacking Kraken Tentacles. The Tentacles push more blocks onto the screen every few seconds, forcing to act quickly, and strategize on an every changing board.

Classic Mode

The classic block falling mechanics you know and love without any new gimicks. Modernize for 2020, with Hard Drops, Lock Delay, and more, making this (hopefully) the best feeling puzzle game on the NES!

Turn Based Kraken Battle Mode

Similar to "Kraken Battle Mode", but instead of the Kraken attacking every few seconds, it advances its tentacle every time you drop a piece. Make every move count, as this move favors slow, deliberate play!

And now... Introducing Vs. From Below!

For the first time in 30 years, there is a new game for the Nintendo Vs. Arcade Systems: Vs. From Below!

You can learn more at are download the ROMs below.


NES ROM (1.0 Final) 40 kB
NES Manual 5 MB
NES Classic Cover Art 6 MB
Vs. System Dipswitch Manual 1 MB
Vs. System ROMs (Beta 0.10.0) 1 MB

Install instructions

I have provided an embedded emulator at the top of this page to play the game in your browser. This is not recommended, as the emulator is not very accurate. However, its there if you want to just quickly check out the game.

The best way to play the game is to download this ROM file. 

Once downloaded, it can be run in a free NES Emulator (like Messen or on real hardware with an EverDrive or similar).

Vs. From Below:

From Below has now been ported to the Nintendo Vs. System! You can download the eproms for flashing your arcade hardware in the zip title "VS SYSTEM [version number].

This ZIP also contains an emulator compatible version of the Vs. game, if you wish to just play it that way.

Development log

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what is the trigger attack? 

If you are playing mode with the Kraken (eg. not "Classic"), the SELECT button will trigger the Kraken to advance it's tentacle up one block right away, rather than waiting for the usual time.

This is often useful when the Kraken's movement will be advantageous to the player (eg. filling a gap).


congrats on a wonderful game Matt :) 


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Omg this is the First time i liked Terris! Because like every other Tetris games are boring but this game? THIS GAME KEEP ME HYPE UP SINCE THE BEGINING OF TIME AND SPACE BRO This game is FIRE 馃敟.

Woah, retroactively hyping you up to the beginning of time!? I'm glad you're enjoying it! Keep your eyes open for From Below Pocket, an upcoming Game Boy port that adds multiplayer!

Mutliplayer?! I will ruin my friendship with my friend 馃拃

I have been jamming this on my NES , so great. Really good job!!! I think I find this more fun than any other game of this type :

Awesome! Thats the goal! Keep an eye out for an upcoming physical release...

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Another great Tetris Clone for the nes and luckily unlike the latest official Tetris for the NES (hardware clone not endorsed by Nintendo but is by The Tetris Company, which leaves the game in a weird area of does a rom that is said to work on the NES count as an official game it the company that holds the rights to it signs off but the makers of the original console do not?) was released for many different ways, for free no less! A must download for Tetris Fans.

hello =) could you clarify which version you mean is "the latest official Tetris for the NES (hardware clone not endorsed by Nintendo but is by The Tetris Company" ? thank you!

The version exclusive to the go retro handheld console, which is a portable famiclone


Here I am in 2022 playing this game on a Blackberry Q10 with a real keyboard (via retroarch). You have just replaced my favourite tetris version of all time that I play almost daily (Tetris 2 + Bombliss NES Japan excusive).

"From below" has just the right mix of modern tetris rotation system with the DAS precision of classic tetris.

This paired with the charming retro graphics is just an irresistible combo.

Only slight anoyiance is the speed up music when you have a high stack. This is a classic design i could personally do without :-)

Thanks for making this precious gem of a game.

Wow, thank you so much for the kind words!

I鈥檝e been following your game before. However, today we had the chance to add it to our site. Your game is excellent.

Thank you for covering the game! It's coming to Game Boy soon too!


We are already looking forward to it.


Brilliant game sir.

Here is my tribute to it...

Thanks for covering the game


Great game!



this is an absolute masterpiece!


Graphics are amazing!

Gameplay is super cool!

Would recommend :)

Kind words. Thanks! 


I LOVE THIS GAME! Please make more cartridges!


Thanks for checking out the game, and sharing it with your viewers!


I heard about this game for the first time today! I wish I could have supported it. I'm looking forward to whatever you do next!


Thanks! Check out for my next game!


very good



Awesome game ! A game really made with love. Thanks.

Thanks for playing!


This is an awesome game! I've always loved stuff like tetris, but imo never liked the feel (music, colors) of it, so this is just straight up awesome!


Thanks! That's really cool to hear!


If I had the time and money I'd totally buy the Vs. System Arcade Cabinet. Great job!


Yah same 馃槃

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omg omg omg omg score 20000




Definitely the best feeling Tetris clone I've played. Coming from NES Tetris, the amount of piece slide time makes me misdrop pieces when I load DAS, but hard dropping somewhat alleviates that. I'm totally loving this game. Awesome music too. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a physical copy.

(1 edit)

Thanks for your kind words! I'm glad you could enjoy it! I spent a lot of time talking with classic Tetris players to make sure it was something people coming from that world could enjoy.

If you are interested in the physical cart, I'd highly recommend signing up for the mailing list. The first batch sold out in minutes, and I expect the final batch to do the same:

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I'm gonna be honest, its an amazing game and all, but my one complaint is there isn't a way to manually set controls for it. I might be wrong but I think that would be a great addition to be absolutely perfect. other than that, best variant ever!

What control settings would you like to see? Usually that kind of thing is just done in the emulator.

I'd like to suggest the option of swapping the rotation buttons (ie: key x = A  and key z = B) just an option to toggle that sort of thing or like WASD & arrow keys. just a thought

Oh, you are talking about the Web version! Yes, the A & B are actually backwards. I'll see if I can add some additional options!

Alright, I've updated the web emulator to add some additional key options (see hint section just below the emulator). I don't have time to do a full on user customization option, but hopefully this works better for you!

Thanks for the feedback!


well done! absolutely beautiful

I just added gamepad support too :D


I'm getting Tetris vibes... JK I tried to make a clone of Tetris before and it is


What do I do with the .nes file

Download an NES Emulator and load the nes file in there. I'd recommend FCEUX. It's free.

this looks awesome. the playable browser thing doesn鈥檛 work for me. Safari Mac


Oh I need to remove that. It's not playable in browser atm!

Thanks for the heads up!

you鈥檙e welcome. also the game is really fun and looks amazing. definitely the best Tetris-alike on the NES

A fun little game. Loved the music.

Cool tetris clone(no ofense, this is cool spin on tetris)

None taken. Glad you enjoyed it!

What I don't like is that after hard drop it is not possible to move the figure left right. I am very used to that from other tetris games

I did actually implement that but took it out because I don't like how it feels. I get some people like it though.

Yes, if you make more nes games I would actually fucking buy them also how can I give you my money

And I will accept your money, sir.

How much money, begging, and/or soul-selling is required to get a physical copy at this point? Wondering if I should take out a loan.

Still 50 more copies to sell at some point but likely not any time soon. I check eBay here and there out of curiosity but none for sale yet.

I only kept 1 for myself.

Good to know, thank you! I'll be eagerly keeping an eye out for that email update on the final 50 then. 

did you write this is 6502 assembly from scratch? if not what tool/framework did you use?

Its a mix of C and assembly (but mostly C), written from "scratch". I wrote about it in detail here if you are interested:


thank you!

Really fun game the music is super cool!

Thanks. Music is by Tui of you want to check out his other stuff.

Thank you for this.  Great Tetris variant.  

Thanks for playing!

Merry Christmas and thanks for freely sharing your game! But how do you start Vs. From Below? I don't have a PC to run Mesen, just an Android device. It boots up just fine in every NES emulator I've tried. But no button presses, or combination of button presses will insert coins or start the game. If I don't press anything, it eventually goes into running a demonstration. But as soon as I press a key, it bounces me back to the title screen. I've tried with the touch interface and a gamepad. Help would be appreciated.

It depends on the emulator. It needs to provide a way to insert coins (or change dip switches for free play mode)

Ok, that's what I was leaning towards. I've tried all of the RetroArch NES cores and NES. emu, and it doesn't appear that they offer DIP switch support. I'm tending to think that there isn't an NES emulator on Android that does. Maybe I can find a MAME solution. I miss owning a PC. Thanks for your assistance. Have a blessed new year.

I'm starting to think I might enable Free Play by default in the next version of the game. Might make it a bit easier for people like yourself.

That'd be an awesome move 馃憤

it's on by default now!

Absolutely lovely :) How do you add credits in the VS version if you're playing it on an NES emulator?

It depends on the Emulator, but in Mesen, it adds new options under the "Game" menu for inserting coins and changing dipswitches. Hope that helps!

really fun game! Im seeing theres a discord in the comments but cant find a link to join

Oh thank you! I must have deleted it by accident.

Here it is:


绱犳櫞銈夈仐銇勩俰t鈥檚 just awesome. 

Glad you like it!

i've discover your game yesterday on Romhack and i really love it !!!
I m a Tetris fan, i love playing battle with my girl friend :)
Like i've read on other commentary, i will really stand for your next version with a 2 player VS mode with the bad Kraken that trying to kill us ...


That's awesome. Thanks for playing, and a vs. mode is always a possibility some day.

Would you do a Kickstarter for a physical boxed copy?

I actually just had a sale for a limited edition a few days ago. All sold out though :(

What? Where was this at? Why wasn't it mentioned here?

Please do another run of the game. Please...


There is a chance I will do another 50 in the coming months. If you are interested, best thing to do is probably sign up for the mailing list from the first run:

I'll likely email that group if another run starts to come together.

You could also follow me on twitter where I am most active:


Here's the original eBay listing if you are curious about price, photos, shipping etc.


Absolutely loved it. Need a physical cart ASAP!!

I just got my Everdrive N8 Pro in this evening.  Had a chance to test the latest release of From Below. It works flawlessly with it! I was playing on the retroUSB AVS system.

That's great to hear, thanks!

So how do you start at level 29 via [redacted]?

I can't post cheats out in the open!? It would spoil the fun. I'll give a clue though; it's similar to starting on level 19... :)

The guys on the Discord will help I'm sure though.

I can see how that would spoil the fun. I'm having a lot of fun trying to get to levels further and further on!

Is there any chance you would be able to put a donation button on the page for this game? I plan to keep playing this for all eternity, and don't mind throwing a few bucks your way.

Thanks! I'm glad to hear it.

No need to pay; just enjoy. 

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