Ride the waves!

Catch some air!

Crush some skulls!

Live the Wave Racing Dream!

Made withPICO-8
TagsGame Boy, GBJam, PICO-8, Retro, sprites


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Conceptually and visually A+ ... but, I really find the control to be unworkable for me. I want the camera to give me much more of a window to speed up and slow down. Otherwise it feels like you are always sharing the same wave, and then the outcome feels random rather than skillful.

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Very fun game! Off-screen gameplay is a bit hard though.

Thanks for playing and taking to time to give feedback! I'm a little torn on the off-screen gameplay. I agree it's hard, but I believe it adds a slight layer of "RNG" to what would otherwise be very predictable moment to moment gameplay.

Yeah, you have a point. Unpredictability can be fun indeed.

This game is a ton of fun! Good Job!


I love the art. The color scheme changes are super cool.


Awesome game!

Thanks for playing!