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Thanks for checking out my entry for our community "Pico-8 Advent Calendar"!

It's a simple "race the clock" arcade game, with the goal of delivering as many presents as possible before sunrise. The entire game only lasts about a minute, with the idea that you will play many times, and try to beat your previous high score.


Design and Code: https://twitter.com/matthughson 

Art: https://twitter.com/hoybhoyb 

Sound and Music: https://twitter.com/gruber_music 

3D FX and Intro: https://twitter.com/2DArray

About Pico-8 Advent Calender:

During December, each day will be filled with new and exciting PICO-8 games! We have gathered 25 great developers from the PICO-8 community and we have worked hard to make some new games. Each day leading up to Christmas, there will be a new surprise for you!

Find out more at: https://pico8-advent.tumblr.com/

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorMatt Hughson (NES Dev)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Christmas, infinite-runner, PICO-8


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hi, is it possible to make an executable?

Yah should be easy. I can add it to me too list.

Hi ! Did you have a rom version of the game ? :3

This is a Pico-8 game. There is no ROM :)


loved the game!

Made a video


Awesome! Thanks for playing!

This is awesome great job!


A very nice game! Good work Matt ^^

I just think there is a little to many momentem when you jump. But other it's very fun to play!

Yah, you might be right. There used to be many more buildings, which required very quick upward velocity, but I tuned that down over time, but never adjusted the jump velocity.