A downloadable project for Windows and macOS

This is a port of my Pico-8 cart, which can be found (and played in browser) here: http://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=27626

The goal of this cart is to demonstrate a very basic platforming engine in under 100 lines of code (comments don't count), while still maintaining an organized and documented game.

It is not meant to be a demo of doing as much as possible, in as little code as possible (a la demo scene). The 100 line limit is just meant to encourage people that "Hey, you can make a game with very little coding!"

This will hopefully give new users a simple and easy to understand starting point for their own platforming games.

Note: Collision routine is based on Super Mario Bros 2 and M.C. Kids, where we use collision points rather than a box. this has some interesting bugs but if it was good enough for miyamoto, its good enough for me!

Published Feb 25, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS
TagsPICO-8, pixel-vision-8, pv8

Install instructions

For use with Pixel Vision 8 Game Creator: https://pixelvision8.itch.io/game-creator

Download the attached pv8 file and put it in your Archive folder:

C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\LocalLow\Pixel Vision 8\Game Creator Pro\Workspace\Archive

The game should now show up in the "File Picker" tool in PV8.


MicroPlatformer.pv8 55 kB


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Amazing work and THANK YOU for porting this!