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A new classic coin-op arcade game for your NES!

Minekart Madness is an homage to the simple coin-op games of the 80's. It takes inspiration from classics such as Donkey Kong and Pac-Man.

In Minekart Madness you are a dwarf piloting an out of control minecart! There is no way to stop, only slow down slightly. Navigate the winding tracks, while avoiding hazards and collecting precious gems. 

But you only have a few minutes; when the clock hits zero it's game over! So optimize your route, exploit the looping levels, and shoot for that high score!



A - Jump
B - Slow Down
Up/Down - Hold to Switch Tracks
Start - Pause


Minekart Madness was created over a few weeks in the fall of 2022 for the annual nesdev competition.

Design & Coding by Matt Hughson (https://twitter.com/matthughson)

Music and Sound by Tuï (https://twitter.com/Tui2A03)

Art by Zolionline


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Install instructions

Once downloaded, the *.nes file can be run in a free NES Emulator (like Mesen or FCEUX 2.3+) or on real hardware with an EverDrive (or similar.)


minekart_madness.nes 64 kB

Development log


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Awesome game !

It's like Game Gear Tazmania, but fun

I haven't played that, but I'll check it out.

(1 edit)

Fun looking game. If you are ever in the mood for a real life mine ride experience, it's hard to beat this.

Black Diamond @ Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, PA, USA:

Nice, looks sweet.

Sweet - love it!

Thanks for playing!

Great work! :)


Thanks Abdel! Sorry that Blades of the Lotus didn't happen this year!

Lovely game, here is my tribute...

Thanks for sharing! I'll watch a bit later.

que bonito,gracias

You are welcome!


It's really good!

Thanks again!


This look amazing.

A few more hours and you can give it a shot!


The game looks amazing ! When do you realise it Matt ?

I'll be uploading the game tomorrow night around midnight here, so it should be available most places sometime on Tuesday.

It will be free.


The name sounds exciting already!

haha thanks!