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This game feels wayyy too responsive for pico-8. I'm surprised at how fluid you made it feel. Really good, love it

Haha thanks. I assure you it is in fact made with Pico-8!

It's a WebGL build? Please, can you add a Unity version so I can play on XP?

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Thanks for taking the time to check out the game! Unfortunetly, it's built on Pico-8 ( ) with no plans to port to Unity, sorry. However, if you buy the Pico-8 console you should be able to play it (and many other amazing games)! Could be a great investment if you are running an older PC as Pico-8 has very low system requirements.

Uh, strange.. all Pico8 games works for me, maybe your has something different? (now I've just tested others again to be sure, no issues)


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pretty cool, I love it


Woooooah this game is cool. Reminds me of Bubble Bobble. Ever heard of it?

Of course! It was a significant inspiration for the game. The first 2 levels are actually direct clones of the first 2 levels of Bubble Bobble!


Yeah, I noticed the one with the straight lines. Fantastic!


I thought exactly the same thing, it reminds me of Snow Bros too. I really liked!

I know you're using pico-8 and have no control over it, but the mouse does not work on fullscreen.

Yah, I noticed that too (and you are correct about having no control over it :D). I'll see if the Pico-8 guys have any plans to fix it.

oh that was really nice

Thanks for playing!


This is simply Brilliant!

Glad you liked it!