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I (foolishly) included Dash Maximus in a NES game compilation, before I realised my mistake after rendering. I was familiar with your other work and just assumed. The lack of a .nes was probably a giveaway. D'oh.


Funny enough I'm working on a spiritual successor for the actual NES right now!

Ok this is a very good plataformer tho Ngl BUT it would e nice if the soundtrack was a little bit more happy . _.
But That Dash mecanic is Good and clean thx for the game :)

Thanks for playing. I think in was going for a dark and ominous vibe with the soundtrack. Something like Super Metroid.

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Just found a new bug thanks to playing with GLaDOS4296's find. I really like this one. Game is so solid that the few bugs found so far are fun to play with.

(The soundtrack being an episode of Columbo because I'm dumb and forgot to pause what I was watching while recording. If you haven't watched Columbo and you like murder mysteries I highly recommend the earlier seasons.)

I'm pretty sure you're not bug fixing anymore but

Neat. How'd you do that?

hi mhughson! sorry I don't know how to else contact you - are you still active?  have some questions, please drop me a line or two. : )


Hey, yah I'm still around. I just sent you an email (neb**n@**.de)


thank you! : D


I just inched closer and closer. Takes a few tries. You can also walk around in the lava.

Cool find! Here's a video of it for anyone that wants to see it in action. Sadly you can't walk through the laser to the right since it still has a hitbox in the lava.


I know I am super late but one of the best platformers i have very played it reminds me of Wario Land but with more pixely art ig and stripped down.  11/10 difficulty but it is fun as hell I would not mind seeing community levels like mario maker. I would buy it and play the hell out of it.

That means a lot, thanks!


Officially a sub1 speedrun now. Great game! Thanks for making it Matt!


Thanks for playing! That's amazing!

Very fun movement mechanic!

any chance you could release the source code? cheers!

Here you go!

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Yah, the last level is pretty insane. So happy to hear you stuck with it! 

Cool game! That last block before the exit is cruel. Pretty sure I found an unintended thing. Doesn't really need to be fixed though since it isn't a big deal, or game breaking, since it only seems to happen with pretty much that one block's worth of lava.

Haha nice find!

You cool with people doing letsplays of your game? In my case it'll be a short one off, 'cause I suuuuuck at this game, but its fun :3

For sure! Post it here if you do so I can check it out!

Done and done! I've had a blast playing!

Thanks for playing and sharing! Impressed you made it as far as you did in your first playthrough!

Tough game for me, but I really like it!

Glad you liked it! You aren't the first to say it's too tough! :D

I really like this game. Very interesting mechanics. The art looks great too.

Thanks rude boy, I really appretiate it!

Could do with some ominous sci-fi music :D But otherwise I really enjoy it. Brilliantly simple control scheme. Sprites and tiles are lovely too - really evocative.

Thanks for playing chilly! I was aiming for 'less is more' with the music, but I hear what you're saying!

I'm a big John Carpenter fan - I'll always want more ominous scifi music! :P Have you got any plans for it beyond itch?

I would love to come back and expand on this game more. It was made as part of a one-game-a-month challenge I am doing throughout 2016, so it may be a while.


Nice! I'll be keeping an eye out for the rest of your games this year :D

I am sorry but It crashed after opening..

Hey wuga! Do you know if you have a gpu that supports shader model 4? Any chance I could get a windows crash log event from you?

Steps are here

Sorry dude this looks complicated to me :S I am afraid to say no sorry :(

Ok nevermind what I said. I'll try it later but only because I want to play it :)

Yah i know it is a lot to ask so no worries if you can't do it. But if you do it would go long way!

Cool idea:)

Thanks for playing!